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What will the project cost?

The current estimated total cost for the project is $33 million.

When will construction start?

Construction will commence immediately following the end of the 2021/2022 school year (June 2022).

When will the project be completed?

Completion of all project work is targeted for October 2023.

What assurance is there that the building will be properly renovated and maintained?

The City’s project team (Designer, MSBA Commissioning Agents, Owner’s Project Manager, School Building Committee, Construction Manager) will oversee the overall quality control during the construction process. There are inherent checks and balances based on each party’s role and responsibility during this process.

After construction is complete and the building is renovated, the City’s Building Department will oversee the maintenance and grounds of the building. The City will be following a comprehensive, scheduled preventative maintenance plan for the building as well as a future capital plan.

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